Almohada de lactancia - Feeding & Infant Support

REF: 15726

Molto this nursing pillow is the perfect complement for the mother and child take the correct position, helping to create a pleasant state of relaxation for both. Keeps your baby comfortable while receiving your decision, and helps you give the bottle without back pain.

Dimensions: 56x46x144 (bow) cm (Width - Height - Length)

Weight: 0.96 Kg

Pillow soft and elastic feeding, filled with the latest technology. An ideal place for rest and quiet baby and their parents comfort cushion.


Easily washable sleeve pink. Monitor the baby's position in the nursing pillow.


Relax and rest.

Molto breastfeeding pillow will help your baby not only during shooting, but it will serve as a support to be lying with his head up slightly when you have more than 3 months. An ideal nest where they can be comfortable, safe and well.

Security and confidence.

From 6 months nursing pillow will help them to lie face down and go to strengthen their muscles, strength necessary to begin to crawl.

At 9 months, you can use the pillow to start sitting, holding it serve them until you learn to acquire this position by itself. The nursing pillow Molto serve them fulcrum during their first months, helping its development and progress, offering safety and comfort.


  • Rest and relax

    Rest and relax

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