GusyLuz Lamp Molto

REF: 18545

Gusyluz Lamp Molto is a fabulous wall lamp that will accompany the little one of the house every night with its sweet nanas, favoring the sleep and calming its tears.

• Auto Shut-off sleep timer
• 4 lullabies to sleep
• 3 modes:
- Light
- Light and sound
- Light and auto sound
• Soft moonlight light effects
• Manual or remote control
• Easily mounts to wall
• Auto shut-off
• Remote control included
• It works with batteries.
• Long: 25 cm/9.8”

Relaxation and rest.
Your baby will sleep peacefully thanks to its lights, sounds, lullabies, melodies and effects will make your little one relax until falling asleep like a little angel


  • Rest and relax

    Rest and relax

  • Security and trust

    Security and trust

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