Magicpic + Baby Print Molto

REF: 18774

With MagicPic + Baby Print you can create a memory for a lifetime with the impression of the handprint or the footprint of your baby. MagicPic has 16 magic stickers to remember the first year of your baby, also includes an augmented reality App to share your memories with your loved ones. With this fantastic kit you can create memories that will accompany you forever.


• Includes: impression material, rolling pin, shaping ring, ribbon, hole punch.
• With MagicPrint you create a lasting impression of your baby’s hand or footprint.
• 100% baby safe
• Comes with 16 stickers, one for each month of baby’s first year.
• Reality augmented App to share your pregnancy


To turn your photographs into fun unforgettable memories.


  • Security and trust

    Security and trust

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