Molto Blue Minibike, kiddies' balance bike

REF: 20210

Molto’s Blue kiddies' balance bike, Minibike, is the perfect gift for your little one.

Once children have learned to walk, they can begin to use our kiddies’ balance bikes, also known as learner bikes. They are ideal for developing the child’s coordination and balance and the first step towards a traditional bicycle.

This balance bike does not come with a helmet.

It is recommended for kiddies between two and five years old who weigh a maximum of twenty (20) kg, but always taking the child’s motor skill development into account.

The handlebar and seat are height-adjustable (the latter from 34 to 42 cm from the floor) and the 10-inch wheels, manufactured in EVA for better grip, are puncture-proof.

Ultra-light and easy to set up.


  • Autonomy of the movement

    Autonomy of the movement

  • Coordination


  • Improves psychomotor

    Improves psychomotor

  • Outdoor Play

    Outdoor Play

  • Stimulates competition

    Stimulates competition

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