Music projector "Light Owl" Molto

REF: 18543

LIGHT OWL is a music projector with soothing lullabies. Enjoy our Projector’s stars projection on the ceiling (7 colors continuously changing and slowly flashing). Lovely soft plush owl, that is detachable for washing. Hygiene is very important for babies! Soothing Lullabies to make babies fall sleep easily, or soothe their cryingAuto Shut-off sleep timer. Heartbeat sounds to imitate the sound inside the mother’s womb, to sooth the baby to fall asleep.


• 10 lullabies.
• 3 functions.
• 7 colors.
• Washable.
• Long. 28 cm/11”

Relax and rest.
LIGHT OWL will be the perfect excuse to go to bed. Your baby will sleep like a little angel thanks to its lights, 10 melodies and colors will make your little one relax until he falls asleep peacefully.


  • Rest and relax

    Rest and relax

  • Security and trust

    Security and trust

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