Baby Head Support Molto

REF: 18710

This BABY HEAD SUPPORT its made in MEMORY FOAM to maximize the baby’s comfort, its special shape guarantee a uniform distribution of pressure on the delicate baby’s head, thus avoiding the risk of plagiocephaly known as the flat head syndrome.
The materials used allow low levels of heat retention that promote the air flow facilitating the maximum comfort of the baby.
The headrest can be used in strollers and cribs, facilitating placement and positioning of the baby.

• Specially designed to support babies head
• Helps relieve pressure on cranium
• Perfect for use in a stroller, crib or mini crib.
• Designed to keep your baby’s head and spine in the correct alignement.
• Protects the round shape of your baby’s soft head and helps prevent flat head syndrome.
• Reduces pressure on cranium by up to 50%
• Easy cleaning.
• Breathable Fabric
• Memory foam

Dimensions: 29X25CM/12”X10”

The movement of the baby could displace the pillow, NEVER place this product on elevated surface, to avoid accidental falls.
Avoid the risk that the baby may suffer from flat head syndrome. It promotes perspiration providing maximum comfort to the baby.
It can be used in strollers and cribs.


  • Rest and relax

    Rest and relax

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    Security and trust

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