Baby Positioner

REF: 05670

The support keeps the baby lying on one side, a position which allows him to breathe more easily and is the safest should vomiting occur.
This position is the one most recommended by the majority of paediatricians.
Allows complete freedom of movement for arms and legs. Its light, practical and easy to carry around.


- Take out the foam wedges before washing.
- Hand wash or machine wash at 60 degrees.
- Warning: never leave your child unattended.
- Never use near heat sources such as open fires, radiators, stoves or light bulbs.


- Interior : polyurethane foam rubber.
- Cover : 100% cotton.


- Dual wedges for firm back and side support.
- Machine washable.
- Flame retardant foam.
- 100% cotton cover, soft and comfortable.
- Cover unsnaps to remove foam for easy washing and drying.
- 45º wedges for baby's comfort and better positioning.
Comes with 2 wedge blocks : one long one to support the back and another shorter one which prevents the baby from turning over.


  • Rest and relax

    Rest and relax

  • Security and trust

    Security and trust

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